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MyMonii Subscription

Does the MyMonii app cost money?
How do I change my subscription?
How do I pay for the app?
What happens to the money in the app if I cancel?
How many users can I have under one subscription?

About the MyMonii Visa card

How does the MyMonii Visa card work?
Can you just use the MyMonii Visa card without control?
Lost MyMonii Visa card? What can I do?
Does the MyMonii Visa card work with all banks and card types?
Can I withdraw money from from the MyMonii app and back into my bank account?
Where can my MyMonii Card be used?
How old does my child have to be to get MyMonii Visa card?
How is my money secured?
When is it real money in the app?
Where can you order MyMonii Visa card?

Setting up family and account

How do I invite my family to
How do I delete my profile?
I don't receive any SMS by invitation.
How do I invite a child without a phone number?
How do I add a phone number to a child?

Get started with the MyMonii Visa card

Why should I transfer money to a parent's balance?
Where can me and my child find the PIN for the Visa card?
What is the weekly spending limit and how is it set?
My MyMonii Visa card doesn't work. What should I do?
What does happen to the child's pocket money after activating the card?
What is an Auto top-up and how to set it up?
How do I unsubscribe from the Auto top-up?
How do I adjust the Auto top-up?
Can more adults transfer money into MyMonii app?
New debit card: How do I update it for payment and top-up?

Transfers between parent and child

How do I withdraw money from my child?
How do I set up fixed weekly or monthly spending?
How do I transfer money to my child?

Tasks / Household Tasks

How do you mark when a task is completed?
How do I undo completed task?
How do I edit an existing task?
How do I delete a fixed tasks?
How do the "First come, first served" tasks work?
What is an indefinite task?
How do I create a repeating task?
How does my child solve a task on their own?

Ordering the MyMonii Visa card

How do I cancel my MyMonii Premium subscription? (For users before June 2022)
When do I receive the MyMonii card?
Why do you need a picture of the social security card?
How much does MyMonii Premium cost? (For users before June 2022)
How do I activate the MyMonii Visa card?

General questions

Have you experienced problems and want to complain?
Can I contact you by the phone?
The app is behaving strangely, what do I do?
Does MyMonii work on all phones and tabled?

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