How it works between child and parent

The MyMonii Visa card serves as a regular Visa card from the adult bank. The MyMonii Visa card can be paid for in all stores that accept Visa.

Especially for MyMonii, however, you need to know a little about the parent balance and the child's balance.
Your credit card
Parent balance
You transfer money to your MyMonii parent balance with your own payment card.
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The child balance, or savings, is the total amount that the child has available.
MyMonii card
Parent balance

In order to transfer and manage money on your child's balance, you must first transfer money to your parent balance.

The parent balance acts as a kind of "buffer" for when you need to transfer money to your child — for example, when they've solved a task.

You can either choose to transfer money manually every time there is no money on your parent balance, or you can choose to top up your parent balance automatically - via Auto top-up.

In any case, you transfer money to your parent balance via an ordinary online payment.

Child balance

The child's balance is your child's total pocket money. It's their MyMonii savings. It grows with transfers of pocket money and tasks performed. And get smaller if mom or dad has laid out something and deducts the money. Or if you use your MyMonii Visa card online or in stores.

However, keep in mind that your child may not be able to spend all the money on the balance. It depends entirely on what you have set the weekly spending limit at.

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