More than than just a pocket money app

Get an overview of your money

Young people today will grow up with money exclusively in digital form. Therefore, it is important to get an easy overview of your digital money so that you get an overview of how to earn, save, spend and invest money in the best possible way.

Money for tasks at home
Avoid cash and get digital savings for the kids
Easy overview for teens and their parents
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Earn money

As a parent, you can create tasks and recurring tasks at home, which can subsequently be completed to earn savings. A fun and easy way to learn about the value of money and get an overview of what you earn.

Earn extra money doing tasks
Get an overview of how your money is earned

Spending overview

With the spending overview we let you and your child get a nice colorful overview of their monthly spendings. If you have the MyMonii Visa card, the child’s expenses will automatically be categorized in the app.

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Shows automatically categorized expenses, or create them manually
Allows a proper dialogue between you and your child about their expenses

Set goals and achieve them

Learn about the joy of setting a goal to save up for what you dream of. For example, if you want a PlayStation, you can create it as a "target" in the MyMonii app, add an image and the amount that the goal costs.

Goals are automatically updated as you earn money
Get a full overview of your goals and see your progress day by day

Get started with MyMonii today

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Open the camera app on your smartphone, point your phone at the QR code and click on the generated link to download the app.
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