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Meet the team behind MyMonii

Louise Ferslev

Founder & CEO

Thor Angelo

Co-founder & Board member

Nina Seidenfaden


Christian Voss Pedersen

Head of Marketing

Tomáš Krajník

Product Design & Frontend

Bodil Henriksen

QA & Support

Laura Engelbrecht Madsen

QA, KYC & Support

Sofie Kammer

SoMe Manager & Support

Yurii Krupa

Backend developer


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More than 230,000 have already downloaded MyMonii, a family app that makes it fun and easy for children and young people to learn about the value of money.

Our mission is to provide families with a practical and fun way to work with financial learning. As society becomes more digital and cashless, and children and young people's aspirations, expectations and spending habits skyrocket, it's more important than ever that they develop a healthy relationship with money from an early age.

As a parent, you get a simple tool to manage your child's pocket money and savings. You can transfer pocket money to your child, and set up tasks or regular household chores that your child can do to earn a contribution to their savings.

How it started

MyMonii was started in December 2015 by Louise Ferslev, who during her education had come up with the idea of digital pocket money. Back then, the idea was to develop a type of child-friendly gift card, under the name Pocket-Money-Card. It is safe to say, however, that ambitions have increased slightly since then. Louise is also a mother of two herself.

Over the past 5 years, MyMonii has helped thousands of families manage pocket money and teach their kids about the value of money. The feedback and inputs of many families help shape the app as it is today. We are far from being done, the team behind MyMonii dreams of creating the absolute best and most popular pocket money and payment app for families both in Denmark, and in the future also abroad.

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